Spring Show

Oct 17, 2014

Inspired by the work Jasmine had been doing with the children, Kylie embarked on a project to create this daffodil.
The children had noticed daffodils popping up in our environment, and took great interest in noticing these beautiful flowers… there we had the provocation to begin our work.
After noticing, drawing, and observing daffodils, we drew and cut it out before setting about going through the process over and over again with each individual colour.
We’re gaining experience and confidence with a new creative medium and working collaboratively on a group project, creating something amazing from scratch that we can share with our community.
It was delightful to watch children return day after day to work on this larger than life daffodil. What a fantastic process it had become and finally after weeks and weeks of work and drying in the sun, we were able to glue the three separate parts together and hang it up.

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