Our programmes are inspired by aspects of the Reggio Emilia approach and Nature Based learning with a strong focus on movement and physical challenges.
Teachers encourage thinking and learning, incorporating literacy and numeracy experiences throughout the programmes.
Positive relationships and respect for what each child contributes to our learning community are paramount.


This programme is for the younger children aged 12 months – 3 years.

A day with the Seekers:
  • warm, nurturing atmosphere
  • building a sense of belonging
  • respect for individuality of children and families
  • introduction to new and interesting experiences

For the older children at Cotter Ave and all children at Durham St, 3-4 years.

A day with the Discoverers:
  • expressing ideas in different and creative ways
  • taking responsibility
  • working collaboratively with others
  • spending time outside the Preschool environment, building connections with the natural world

This unique programme is for our oldest 13 children, spending one day a week exploring and spending unhurried time in nature.

A day with the Explorers:
  • team work and risk taking
  • problem solving and resilience
  • opportunities to think creatively
  • great preparation for school