Nestled among Arrowtown’s stunning natural backdrop of tree covered hills and clear running rivers are our unique Preschools which provide engaging spaces and wonderful learning environments.

To enable us to deliver high-quality age-specific programmes for children aged 12 months to 5 years we run two Preschools in tandem programmes.


Our Cotter Ave centre opened in 2010 and caters for our younger children 12 months to 3 years.

This newly built centre was designed to not only capture the glorious Central Otago sun but to create inspiring areas of interest for the children to play and learn in. A warm nurturing environment ensures children happily settle into the centre and all the activities it offers. Being situated next to Arrowtown School has seen us build excellent links with school classes. Buddy programmes between our children and the school children are a regular and exciting aspect for both the Cotter Ave and Arrowtown School children. Our teachers and children will often utilise the wide open areas of the school playground as well as the awesome reserve areas alongside the School.



Durham St opened in 1992 and is well established and a perfect environment for the older children.

It is well known for its awesome location that provides a natural world for children to explore and spend time in. Durham St is close to the town centre and to the river reserve which means our children benefit from the historic resources in Arrowtown such as the Museum and the Library and they also get to enjoy a rural outlook and easy access to the outdoors. At Durham St there is an extensive art and craft focus with a vast use of natural resources resulting in some amazing creations. The Durham St children are often seen within the Arrowtown community; we have a long standing involvement with the annual Arrowtown Autumn Festival and our unique Explorers programme sees our oldest children out exploring the river reserve areas every Friday morning all year round.